Attn: Reserved Club Parking Participants.

We’ve made some important changes to the club parking requirements

for the “Playground, or Driver’s R/V” parking area only.

Some areas of the Playground have started to look like a new car dealer’s showroom.
While there’s nothing wrong with brand new cars, we don’t think the premier display area of the Turkey Run is the place for them.

We’re putting some limitations as to how many 1980 and newer cars can be displayed in the Playground.

We will now limit the amount of 1980 and newer cars in the Playground to 10% of your reserved area.

(That means if you have 40 cars parking, 4 can be 1980 and newer).

If your club is registered in the Playground area and you have a large percentage of your membership with 1980 and newer vehicles we can provide a new location for you.

As always, if you have questions, PLEASE contact us. We will try to help you in any way possible.

Again, this is for the Playground area ONLY! All other parking areas are not affected.

Reserved Club Parking is limited to 5 areas:

Drivers Playground RV area - Premium spot, always full.

Lake Lloyd RV area - Please indicate if you prefer being by the swap meet end or registration end.

Lake Lloyd Road - Always full

End of Lake Lloyd Road - Minimum amount of spaces, always full.

Tunnel Compound - Mostly large clubs. You know who you are.

Again, when these spaces are filled, club parking will be closed.

Pricing is as follows:

  1. The cost of club parking has increased $5.00 per pad.

  2. Playground pads will fit 5 cars per pad. They are now $30.00 per pad for all 3 days. (That’s $6.00 per car).

  3. All other pads - 4 cars per pad - $25.00 per pad for all 3 days

Drivers Playground RV Area - $30.00 per pad

These have grass out front and should hold 5 cars each plus the grass behind the pad.

Lake Lloyd RV Area/Lake Lloyd Road/End of Lake Lloyd Road - $25.00 per pad

These have 15 ft of grass behind the pads and hold 4 cars.

Tunnel Compound Area - $25.00 per pad

These RV spaces are approximately 20 x 46.

The fee you are charged is to cover the expense incurred with setting up your spaces.

It is not "Reserved Prime Parking" and not for patrolling your individual space. We are not the parking police. That’s up to you.

We are there to help if needed.

We do club parking so you and your friends can find and enjoy each other at our event.

The club spaces are not the "best" spaces and are not up front and center of the show. Please have someone from your group in position (in your spots) when the gates open to keep unauthorized cars out of your area.  Once again, we do not police your spot. Get there early and protect it. We will help if needed.

Please do not take your club sign home as a souvenir. They are expensive and their only purpose is to help you find your spots. Taking your club sign only puts you out of favor with DBSR and will cost you $20.00 to replace it before your next club parking registration.

Thanks to all our car clubs for your support of our show. We hope to see you at the Spring and Fall Turkey Runs.

Daytona Beach Street Rods

Any questions:


The 41st Annual
Daytona Turkey Run

Contact us at or contact Stinky at 386-405-4507 for additional info.