Special Guests for our 50th Annual Event

Chad Hiltz aka “Bad Chad”

In a small, hand-built shop in a rural town lives a car artist like no other: Chad Hiltz aka “Bad Chad”. His one-of-a-kind creations spring from his imagination, a mind that never stops. Isolated and without extra spending money, Chad always had to be creative and resourceful. Using only basic tools and his limitless ingenuity, Chad will incorporate literally anything into his car builds, parts from a boat, airplane, even an old locker. Part MacGyver, part Willy Wonka, if Bad Chad can imagine it, he will find a way to build it. Each episode takes viewers into the mad mind of Chad as the team works together to build some of the most outrageous vehicles ever seen. The excitement is in the journey, watching Chad’s creative mind create one of a kind masterpieces on a workingman’s budget.

Jolene Macintyre

Jolene is Chad’s business manager and also his fiancé. As Chad happily points out, she is the brains of the operation and in charge of keeping the builds on schedule and budget. It's never an easy task. And this former college soccer star isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty — she won’t hesitate to jump in and help with the builds.

Amanda Martin

Is a former banking executive. People best know her from the reality television series Iron Resurrection. She stars on the show alongside her spouse. The show is about restoring old automobiles. Besides being on a reality TV show, she is a successful businesswoman.

Joe Martin

Master metal fabricator from the TV show "Iron Resurrection," Martin takes on projects mounted on two and four wheels at his custom shop near Austin, Texas. Joe scours the Texas countryside for busted bikes and rusted roadsters, then he and his crew work metal magic to turn the unpolished gems into shiny, hot rod reality. 

Lauren-Taylor Nock

Lauren-Taylor is honored and looking forward to be performing at the 50th Annual Daytona Turkey Run 2023!

Lauren-Taylor Nock is now 14 years old and has been singing the National Anthem acapella at large live events since the age of five.  She has grown up in the event and aviation industry and one of her many goals is to become a Pilot.

Lauren-Taylor is a 9th Grade Dual Enrolled Honors Student at Manatee School for the Arts High School as well as a student at the University of South Florida.  

In her spare time she enjoys swivel water skiing with her Team the Sarasota Ski-A-Ree's as well as riding horses, tennis, play writing, drawing and baking. And, of course, is a huge 1966 BATMAN fan!


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